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Cheap Computer Monitors  v.1.0

Cheap Computer Monitors toolbar for Internet Explorer. Here you'll find the latest computer monitors at the low prices you can afford. We carry all the major brands from CRT to lcd panels. You can also use our search feature to find the exact model


OHTrader is certainly the best end of day software in the world. We think it has something to do with its incredible and integrated trading system. You can take a collection of stocks and backtest all of them with a simple click. This powerfull device



MathCalc run with the calculator and graph plotter mode. Within the calculator mode, you can compute mathematical expressions, trigonometric, hyperbolic or logarithmic functions. The entered expressions and functions are saved into formula lists. The

AllBalancesLink Excel Add-In for Peachtree

AllBalancesLink uses a new add-in architecture introduced from MS Office 2000. This new technology allows the use of interfaces (forms and dialog boxes), therefore enabling much easier user-friendly applications than for instance, DDE implementations.

Omnivex DataPipe Server  v.3 6

Omnivex DataPipe Server is the central clearing point or 'hub' for all networked data activity. Multiple DataPipe 3 Clients can connect via TCP/IP to the DataPipe 3 Server, enabling users across the network to share all contributed data.

NSecur  v.

Secure your world. Know that the things you care about are safe. Connect to your Home, your Business, your Environment. Whenever, Wherever. Welcome to the Internet of Things. Your Windows Phone has never been so useful. nSecur is an advanced

LCD_API  v.1.2.1

A Java API to communicate with an LCDd (lcdproc project) server.

SoftCollection LCD Clock

Description: Beautiful LCD Clock. Features: * Transparency may be changed. * May be placed everywhere on the screen. * May be hidden or shown by single mouse click on systray icon. * May be set to be always on top of other

SoftCollection LCD Module OCX

SoftCollection LCD Module OCX is an ActiveX component that provides you a way to control a variety of HD44780 compatible LCD Modules. It is very easy to connect a low-cost LCD Module directly to parallel port of PC without any additional

Lcd hdtv - The day advocates of high-definition television or HDTV presented it to the public in 1998, rumors spread about how it would be the best television viewing experience compared to our older TV sets. The image quality and sound

LCD Clock  v.1.3

Simple, sleek, elegant LCD clock with options

LCD Screensaver  v.2.3

By controlling the brightness of LCD screen, finally achieve energy saving. LCD Screensaver is a screen saver software that is designed for notebook(laptop computer) LCD screen, The principle is:By controlling the brightness of LCD screen,

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